Hello Travellers

10th Feb 2015

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So this is my new research notes, I am trying to build this with go which is rather cool (also my favourite developer Marco Arment is using go for some stuff now) but go is pretty hardcore compared to my old school HTML/CSS/JS/PHP hack skills and my PHP coding was so out of date that rather than learn the new PHP I decided to try and make the jump to go. node.js and python had previously been tempting me.

Why not use X? Good question well I don’t want to use / wordpress etc as I really want to own all my content and make this a true indiewebcamp project. Its also a good project to try and learn go, which Ill try and document here as well.

So based on the fact that I believe fully in iteration and getting a thing running, I’m making this live now.

to do (will strike out)

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