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Newsletter Archive (11th Sept 2015)

Links to my Newsletter

Decentralising Education & the Blockchain (21st Oct 2015)

Summary idea around decentralised educational materials.

Conceptual Abstract for a forthcoming Practice based PhD (10th Jan 2016)

This conceptual abstract document is designed to help and focus my PhD research.

Hello Go lang! (12th Jan 2015)

This is a basic start to my own hosted go lang markdown static blog/ web generator.

Hello Travellers (10th Feb 2015)

Read this post first please.

Proposal (1st Feb 2015)

The basic outline/proposal for my practice based PhD.

State of Union (2nd Feb 2015)

The state of play post.

Short Notes (27th April 2015)

Short Notes 1.

Video Presentation (12th May 2015)

A staff seminar about my PhD concept.

Information Design (25th June 2015)

An Application of Information Design.

Newsletter (11th July 2015)

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Illustrate This! (27th July 2015)

Make my blog better!! Calling all editorial Illustration students