This site contains an ongoing series of articles connected to the practice based PhD from Adam Procter. The PhD is building two artefacts,  a digital tool to enhance and embrace the network and community of practice within Art & Design studio-based higher education; and secondly a Manifesto derived from building the tool and associated research to support the creation of further similar digital tools to support Art & Design blended learning.


As part of working open articles are published as they are being written and so some you may consider as unfinished. Thoughts and feedback is highly encouraged and sought to enhance each piece. Comments should be used to critique and extend the articles.

As knowledge increases amongst mankind, and transactions multiply, it becomes more and more desirable to abbreviate and facilitate the modes of conveying information from one person to another, and from one individual to many. (Playfair, 1786)

Playfair, W., Wainer, H. & Spence, I., 2005. Playfair’s Commercial and Political. Atlas and Statistical Breviary, Cambridge University Press.

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