Networked Making

Marvin meyer SYTO3xs06fU unsplash
unsplash-logoMarvin Meyer allows you to create and edit notes and attachments with a group of designers / makers in a shared digital space, these notes and attachments can be placed visually in a spatial arrangement and connections draw between them to provide cluster and connected relevance to a problem or research theme you are trying to investigate.

Web 1920  3 2x is not an online collaborative tool but is being designed to augment the physical design studio and should be used together allowing you to capture collectively the teams thought and research process. The tool is design to support co-creation of resources and thoughts using a design thinking approach. The main initial application is to support project based learning, within a design school enviroment.

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All notes and attachments sync to all devices, so once the design session is completed all parties have local copies of the distributed data. was created with design education in mind. If you would like to get involved is using and even contributing visit to join the discussions and find out more.