New newsletter – Join my Newsletter.

I am creating a newsletter 1 which will be a collection of links, images and thoughts that I have discovered over the last two weeks.

Why ?

If you only follow me on twitter or glance at my short links page you will know I like to find, save and share stuff, a lot, these locations are not the only places too!

If your in my contact list for email or messages you would also know this very very well. To be a friend can be worse still as you are likely bombarded with stuff … too much stuff. This has meant that much is missed, ignored or not easily relocated by said recipient.

I am, shall we say, sometimes a little over keen on sharing due to my firm, creative commons, opensource, open education and open knowledge ethos. I get excited when I find something I think other people should or would like to know.

For myself I collect even more in numerous formats, foldingtext notes, wishlists, tweets, retweets,, instapaper, medium, papers (a app), ember, delicious and probably a few more. I never delete my browsing history and use Firefox’s Sync to store it across my Macs!

So part of my consolidation 2 and focus is to allow friends, followers and myself to be able to digest all this stuff at the right time and more importantly with the time to do so. The newsletter will be a curation of the stuff I consider worth more than a moments glance.

Sign up!

So that was a long preamble! Sign up below and look out for the pretty packed first newsletter from July the 17th 2015.

  1. I am scrapping my idea for Short Notes in favour of the new newsletter and stopping my old Mailchimp newsletter.
  2. I will take me a while to get into the habit of less communication, and I still think for twitter followers for now are unlikely to see a reduction in sharing, but over time and once I am confident with my capture and review methodology. I’ll be encouraging people to join this list or visit the archive when they have the time.