1 Theme Testing – 1st Nov 2019

Rene bohmer YeUVDKZWSZ4 unsplash
unsplash-logoRene Böhmer

This test was where I introduced the spatial mode and the list mode together for the first time. Students also started to use the different types of nodes including the link node and attachment node. However viewing the attachments and linking out was not possible.

Screenshot 2019 10 26 at 11 08 28

Students started automatically moving around the objects in the spatial view, which was good to see, this seemed to be more on ability to view them rather then to order them to start, I also think the number of students contributing dropped. I think the main reasons that links and attachments where added this time versus the last was there was a view of the types now, in the spatial view but also I specifically asked for students to think of links and attachments and pointed out how to edit the Create type and that they could use Add to add(upload) files and images from there own devices.

Screenshot 2019 12 19 at 15 52 39

Screenshot 2019 12 19 at 15 53 06

Main take aways

  • Need quicker way to detect and add links
  • Attachments could do with drag and drop
  • If link pasted in is to image it should somehow upload as an attachment